Please note: we are not taking any more wallpapers at present due to space reasons, but if you are interested in doing some wallpapers yourself, make them at 1280 x 1024 pixels and you can send them to me at and I will post them when space permits.


Wallpaper submitted
by Vitor

Wallpapers submitted
by Shinjuka

Wallpapers submitted
by Diana

Wallpapers submitted
by Godi



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devolution icons

(PC only) 40 new devon icons for your desktop!

  • First you'll need to download the zipped file, (260K)
  • You'll need winzip to unzip the file.
  • After the file is unzipped, go to CONTROL PANELS, then select DISPLAY.
  • Choose the EFFECTS tab.
  • Choose the icon you wish to change and click on the CHANGE ICON button.
  • Click on browse and select any of the devolution icons.
  • You can also change some of the other icons on your desktop by right-clicking on them,
    and choosing properties, then change icon.
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